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Nozaki Limited (hereinafter called “Company”) respects the privacy of any customer (hereinafter called “User”) and strives to protect User’s personal information. This privacy policy (hereinafter called the “Privacy Policy”) informs User how Company manages User’s personal information and how User’s privacy rights and applicable laws protect User when User gains access to Company’s website called “INFO.GRAVIMORPH.ART” (hereinafter called the “Site”) from anywhere. You can use the Site, as User, only if you fully understand and agree to the Privacy Policy.

In the Privacy Policy, the term “User” means any individual or group who uses the Site for any purpose.

Collection of Personal Information

The “personal information” stated in the Privacy Policy means personally identifiable information such as User’s name, address, phone number, e-mail address and IP address (hereinafter collectively called the “Personal Information”). Company may collect User’s Personal Information at the time when User places an order for any product/service with Company or makes an inquiry to Company.
Company’s collection of the Personal Information of User is based on User’s voluntary provision of such information. Therefore, if User provides Company with his/her Personal Information, such User shall be deemed to have licensed Company to use such Personal Information in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Any User who does not agree to such Company’s use shall not provide any of his/her Personal Information to Company.

Use of Collected Personal Information

Company uses the Personal Information and order information (including order history information) collected from User for the purpose of providing User with its services on the Site (hereinafter called the “Services”) and/or for any of the following purposes. Company does not use any of User’s Personal Information for any purpose other than the provision of the Services or the following purposes.
  1. Introduction of Company’s products and/or services to User;
  2. Implementation of order placement procedures, confirmation of order details or implementation of change procedures of such order details on behalf of User;
  3. Response to inquiries from User;
  4. Collection of opinions, comments or feedbacks from User in relation to Company’s services;
  5. Use of User’s Personal Information after separately notifying User of such Company’s use and obtaining content to such use from such User;
  6. Creation of statistical data classified by customer attributes (age, address, etc.); or
  7. Distribution of information or provision or display of services to meet User’s requests.

Sharing of Information; Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Company does not share User’s Personal Information with or provide or disclose it to third parties including other business operators or individuals without permission of such User, except in any of the following cases.
  1. If Company discloses the Personal Information to its contractors such as delivery or distribution companies without expressly indicating the purposes of use of such information in obtaining such information for delivery of or payment for products, etc. or for other reasons. However, in such case, Company shall disclose it within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use of such information and expressly impose on such contractors confidentiality obligation not to use such Personal Information for other purposes and not to disclose it;
  2.  If User agrees to such sharing, provision or disclosure of his/her Personal Information; or
  3. If Company is required by any public authorities such as governmental agencies to disclose such Personal Information under applicable laws and regulations.

Deletion of Information

Company deletes User’s Personal Information whose express purposes of use have been achieved only if such User requests Company to delete it. User acknowledges and agrees that such deleted information may not be recovered even if such User requests Company to disclose or change it after such deletion.

Modification of Information

If User’s Personal Information possessed by Company is inaccurate or if Use wishes to delete his/her Personal Information, Company modifies, updates or deletes it upon request from such User.
Any User who wishes to do so may contact Company at the following e-mail address.

Contact for Personal Information:
Nozaki Limited
2134-1, Tsukanome, Snajo City, Niigata, 955-0055, JAPAN
Kiichiro Nozaki (Chief Executive Officer)


The Site includes links to some external websites but does not share privacy information with them.
Company shall not be liable for any collection of the personal information made on such websites. User is required to certainly refer to the details of handling of personal information on such websites.


“Cookie” is a small text file. When User visits the Site, cookies are sent to and from User’s browser and are stored in a User’s device. The cookies are stored in a User’s computer, but User may block such cookies by changing his/her browser’s settings. User acknowledges and agrees that any part of the functions on the Site may be restricted or unavailable if User blocks any cookies from the Site.

Revision of Privacy Policy

If Company makes any change to the Privacy Policy, Company posts such revised Privacy Policy on the Site. User is encouraged to periodically confirm the Privacy Policy on the Site.

Questions about Privacy Policy

Any User who has any questions about the Privacy Policy posted on the Site may contact Company at the following e-mail address.

Contact for Privacy Policy:
Nozaki Limited
2134-1, Tsukanome, Snajo City, Niigata, 955-0055, JAPAN
Kiichiro Nozaki (Chief Executive Officer)

Last updated: October 2021

Nozaki Limited

Showtaro Nozaki (Chief Operations Officer)
2134-1, Tsukanome, Sanjo City, Niigata, 955-0055, JAPAN